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Hi I’m Nikki, the founder of Recharge Reflexology and now is the page that we all like to nosey at, info on who will be doing our treatments, so here is a little bit about me....

At the age of 18 I packed my trusty Fiesta, waved bye-bye to my home town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, heading to the bright lights of London to follow my dream of working in musical theatre.

After years of living on the standard dancers diet of water & crisps (not the case now but was in my day) I decided that it was about time I started showing my body some well-deserved care and attention. I discovered Yoga and Reflexology at the same time and fell in love with them both from the start.

Reflexology really came into its own for me when I had my wisdom teeth removed, all four in one shot and my reflexologist suggested I try a treatment to help with the pain and speed up recovery, so I did. I went for a treatment the following day and left the shop pain free and ready to return to work, I was hooked.

I met an amazing man, Stephen (now husband) who encouraged me to go study on a Reflexology course, “even if it was just for fun”, as I really wanted to be able to share what I experience in a treatment with other people. Whilst training at The Central London College of Reflexology(accredited by The Association of Reflexologists, ABC Awards + ITEC) I fell pregnant……coincidence????? for me I think not! At least one treatment every two weeks had done what months of trying, worrying and counting days hadn’t, but everybody has to decide for themselves.

After the birth of my amazing little boy Jack I decided that I didn’t want to return to my old job but give reflexology a go as my career. After my experience of Reflexology as part of my maternity journey and my role of mummy being the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I decided to return to studies and undertake further specialised training so I could offer additional support for couples who are looking to become parents, women who are pregnant and supporting those women post-natal ……

and so began the Recharge journey……………

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